Double Benefit

We welcome and invite website design industry practitioners to join in the partnership programs to get benefit 10% discount on all product in the invoices. This program gives more profit as you do not need basic knowledge of servers and dns, will not make you a system keeper to ensure uptime on all website.


1.Need to setup a reseller account and its associated with it.

2.Have to monitor the server system to make sure uptime.

3.Really need knowledge in this field.

4.Support is not provided in all issue.


1.No setup needed, just make order and got it.

2.No need to monitor the server system.


4.Technical support provided.


Activation immediately upon booking is made, no need to wait for validation which takes more than 3 minutes, sometimes necessary wait for a hour.

How it works?

  1. Add funds on =>this link and make a payment.
  2. Please inform the payment to confirm the funds in your account.
  3. Make orders..the transaction will take your funds for payment.
  4. Hosting and domain will activate immediately.
malaysia reseller web hosting program