The SSL ( Secure socket layer ) recently called as TLS ( Transport layer security ) is standard security technology to encrypted links beetween a website server and web browser. This link insure that all data passed between the server and the web hosting remains private.

Type of ssl certificates :

Extended Validation ( EV ) ssl, the applicant is required to submit an evidence that the organization or company is registered with the authorized agency. The periode to issue this ssl is up to 7 days to confirm the evidence has sent. EV ssl feature will show the company’s name to be displayed on web browser.

malaysia web hosting ssl certificates
EV ssl on twitter – Pakar Hosting Malaysia

Organization Validation ( OV ) ssl has same application process on ev ssl, required to submit an evidence to be verified on authorized agency. The difference is ov ssl does not display company’s name on web browser, user can find the company’s name on ssl information only.

Domain Validation ( DV ) ssl is ssl type without officially organization verification, the verification process is based on ownership by using the link, dns or email.

The ssl issuer also offer ssl certificates which can be used on multiple websites, such as Multi Domain ( SAN / UCC ) and Wilcard ssl, to create https on main domain and subdomains.


1.Log into cPanel web hosting.

2.Click on Let’s Encrypt icone.

3.Click on +Issue navigate.

4.Select the link to install ssl.

5.Click on +Issue button, a ssl generated automatically if there is no problem on verifying the domain owner. Please open ticket if ssl certificates is not generated to get advice, possibility the domain is using a proxy like cloudflare dns.