Please follow these guidelines to ensure there is no interruption in services.


Http cookie assigned to record browser activities, it's allow our system recording of purchase and login session.


Displayed prices are current service charge value, the renewal price is adjusted to the price at the time.


We accept bank transfer and online payment by credit/debit card via paypal.


The refund deadline is 7 days after the service is activated, the refund does not include domain charge.


Estimated service activation time is a few minutes after the bill payment is confirmed, it is recommended to submit a ticket and apply for payment confirmation.

Estimate service activation of MY domains is less than 48 business hours.

The details of service will be sent to the email address as soon as the order is activated, please check spam folder if the email is not found in the inbox folder.


In registering a domain name we required share the information of registrant to the related providers, i.e. domain registry and domain registrar (please refer to ICANN policy). The subscriber allowed hide the registrant information on the world wide web by add ID Protection (except MY domains).


The types of website below are prohibited in our services;.

  1. Porn
  2. Gambling
  3. Phising
  4. IRC
  5. Storage of video stream
  6. Spam
  7. Hate speech.

The subscriber are responsible for the overall content of their website.


Backup data is only available on the activate hosting, loss of access can occur due to hosting suspended or deleted caused to outstanding invoice.


Please note that services will be suspended and no refunds in case of breach of these terms.


Hosting account are suspended on the end date of subscription, backup data is available up to 30 days.